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The Boutique Difference.

Well fit hearing aids improve communication, enjoyment of life’s rich sounds, and save money!

Experience the boutique difference at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. We are a husband and wife team, working together to provide the attention to detail that’s necessary to get the best results. Caring for your hearing needs is one of our shared goals, so we spend the time it takes to match your needs to the innovative features of our hearing aid products. From your initial consultation to follow-up care, you get the personal service you deserve.

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The Fitting Process:

3 Key Steps to Ensuring a Proper Hearing Aid Fit


CLINICIAN: Successful hearing aid fittings are both an art and a science that takes work on both the part of the patient and clinician.  Our role is:

  1. to offer options that meet your needs and your budget
  2. then find and fit the specific hearing aid that specifically works for you’re needs

CLIENT: Unfortunately getting a hearing aid is not as simple as getting an oil change. You’re not passing time in the waiting room while your hearing aid is being prepared for you. Your role in the process to contributes to 1/3 of the overall success.

HEARING AID: Hearing aids are only one third of what it takes to hear better.  As they are actually prosthetic devices (think fake limb), the device must be carefully fit to you and you must be fit to the device.  In other words, you must go through a process of hearing rehabilitation.

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We’re here to listen and to help to improve your hearing. Nanaimo Hearing Clinic offers both hearing aids and hearing care services with the goal of improving your lifestyle, increasing your confidence, and bettering your communication.

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