The Two Scariest Sounds

Tomorrow is Halloween which is full of all kinds of stuff that’s supposed to be scary.  Some of the sensations are audible as in the screams, groans, and spooks. It made me think the other day, “What really are the scariest sounds in life?”  I came up with two! The sounds that you don’t understand! […]

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The Hidden Cost of Hearing Aids

Many people wonder, “how in the world can tiny modern hearing aids be worth $5000 a set”? (Yes, this is the ballpark that many pay although there are options above and below this cost).  The bottom line is that it has a lot to do with what you can’t see, versus what you can see.   This […]

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The Silent Emergency

Did you know that there are not very many ear emergencies?  Most hearing loss is gradual and most ear conditions are not an emergency so to speak (except for various traumas of course).   Yes, there certainly are serious medical conditions with the ear that require prompt attention, but most of them are not what we […]

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Best Natural Remedy for Earwax

It’s not what you may be thinking!  Chances are you are thinking of ear candling when you think about a natural remedy for earwax.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, ear candling is an old practice where people place a hollow candle over the ear with the head on its side. […]

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