Shelagh Merrill

Owner, Hearing Practitioner


Shelagh Merrill

Shelagh’s life is full with her dual role as clinician and mother of our teenagers. Because of her busy life she values peace and tranquillity when available. This value shines through in her choice of décor for the clinic. Many clients appreciate the comfortable relaxing atmosphere that she has helped to create. When Shelagh is not organizing the people around her, she is enjoying reading, hiking, doing puzzles with her parents, and has taken up crochet during this last year!

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If you are like most people, you may feel unsure which brand or model is best for you. This leaves many folks nervous to choose a pair, only to find out later a different model may have better served their needs. Our FREE Hearing Aid Tailored Test Drive is designed to allow for you to take home and try out our hearing aids with no money down and no obligations.

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