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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

November 11, 2019

There are some pros and cons worth being aware of as one considers rechargeability.

What Happens If I Lose A Hearing Aid?

October 13, 2019

This is a big concern on the minds of some people who are considering hearing aids.

Hand Me Downs

September 20, 2019

Can hearing aids be reused for a new person after someone is done with them?

Do Hearing Aids Damage Your Ears?

September 10, 2019

This is a question that many people wonder about when considering hearing aids.

When Not To Buy Hearing Aids

July 28, 2019

The time to buy hearing aids is when YOU WANT to hear better.

Free Earwax Cleaning

July 24, 2019

‍Are you one of those people that has too much earwax?

What Does It Mean To You?

July 4, 2019

Happy belated Canada Day! What does it mean to be Canadian?

Common Hearing Aid Repairs

June 9, 2019

At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic our job is to help you make your hearing aids last as long as they ca

Do They All Squeak?

March 5, 2019

Is there anything that can be done to make it not happen in the first place?

Hearing Aid Lifespan

March 5, 2019

We will help you think through the balance of new technology, repairs...

GOOD NEWS...A Selfish Request

February 26, 2019

We have some time sensitive good news!

The "ahh" effect

February 17, 2019

My goal and intention is always the same, to increase the "ahhs" and reduce the "huhs?," in the

What To Expect-Ear Impressions

February 3, 2019

Today I want to describe what you should expect if you need custom ear impressions.

When To Get Just ONE Hearing Aid

January 24, 2019

“Do I need one or two hearing aids?” Maybe you’ve wondered this as have some of my patients.

How To Interpret Your Hearing Test

January 16, 2019

If you have ever had a hearing test you may remember seeing your results on a chart called an a

When To Upgrade your Hearing Aids

January 1, 2019

Let me just start by repeating the old principal, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Tipping Points

December 20, 2018

While it may feel like a big step, it really is quite easy to start.

Search and Rescue Hearing Hack

December 11, 2018

Today I have a hearing hack, a little trick for making communication work better.

Why The Smallest Sounds Should Get Your Attention

December 4, 2018

Paying attention and noticing the sounds around you, sometimes even the smallest ones...

The Cool Factor

November 25, 2018

Why isn’t something that makes you more connected to life and friendships cool?

When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

November 13, 2018

"Why is it that I spent $6,000 on a brand new premium set of hearing aids and I still can't...

The Largest and Smallest Skeletal Muscles

November 6, 2018

What are the largest and smallest muscles of your body?

The Two Scariest Sounds

October 27, 2018

What really are the scariest sounds in life?

The Hidden Cost of Hearing Aids

October 24, 2018

Best Natural Remedy for Earwax

October 8, 2018

The best natural remedy for your ears really is your shower and a washcloth.

The Silent Emergency

October 8, 2018

It's something called Sudden Hearing Loss. The more technical term is Sudden Sensorineural...

3 Keys to Ear Bud Safety

September 9, 2018

‍I often get asked the question, "What about headphones and ear buds?

The Best Hearing Aid

September 9, 2018

A question I often get is "What's the best hearing aid?"

How Much Is Your Hearing Worth?

April 11, 2016

According to one health plan, mine could be worth about $43,750 per ear.

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