When Not To Buy Hearing Aids

Yes, as a full time hearing aid practitioner (one who fits, sells, and services hearing aids), I will admit it.  There are times when a person should NOT buy hearing aids.   Two times, in particular, come to mind.  The first is just because you have a hearing loss.  Yes, you heard me right. Just because […]

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Free Earwax Cleaning

Are you one of those people that has too much earwax? Or, do you wonder if you have more earwax than necessary? We have exciting news here at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic!  We are ALMOST certified to perform earwax removal.  This means you won’t have to go to your physician every time you need wax removed […]

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What Does It Mean To You?

Happy belated Canada Day! On that note, I have a question for your consideration.   What does it mean to be Canadian? For some, it might be something that is simply inherited.  For others, like myself, it might be something that is chosen when citizenship oaths are taken.   With all the various political happenings, being Canadian […]

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Common repairs

Some of you might be surprised to learn that in spite of having almost no moving parts, hearing aids do need regular care and maintenance.   This is because they are electronics working in a warm moist environment. The most common hearing aid repair is what we call a wax guard.   It’s basically a little filter […]

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Do They All Squeak?

Squeaky hearing aids.  I’m sure you’ve heard that annoying high pitched squeal that is almost as irritating as fingernails on a chalkboard.  If you wear hearing aids, you have likely heard this before. If you don’t own hearing aids, maybe you’ve noticed someone else trying to adjust theirs in a futile attempt to stop the […]

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Hearing Aid Lifespan

How long do hearing aids last? The short answer is that they last about five years.  Of course that leads to the next question, “Why?”. Number one, technology changes all the time.  While we know this from most industries, in the electronic sector this is especially true.  Every couple of years there are significant changes […]

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