The “ahh” effect

Last weekend my wife, Shelagh, and I had the opportunity to visit Quebec City.  I like to say that I didn’t bring back the snowy weather that hammered us this past week here on the West Coast.  However I did bring back something else. I brought a fresh appreciation for the “ahh” effect. What do […]

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What To Expect-Ear Impressions

Occasionally ear impressions are required for patients.  Today I want to describe what you should expect if you need them.  But first, what are they and why might you need ear impressions? An ear impression is like a picture or a 3-D image of your ear.  The image is used to make custom shaped products […]

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When To Get Just ONE Hearing Aid

“Do I need one or two hearing aids?”   Maybe you’ve wondered this as have some of my patients.   The short answer that I usually give is, “Absolutely, one hearing aid is a good solution if you only have one ear that needs help or one ear that can be helped.”  Remember, hearing aids […]

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How To Interpret Your Hearing Test

If you have ever had a hearing test you may remember seeing your results on a chart called an audiogram.  One side has the decibel scale and the other side has the frequency scale. Basically, we test the quietest sounds that you can hear at each pitch.  While it’s a time honoured way to plot […]

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When To Upgrade

With a new year comes thoughts of new beginnings.  For some folks this also applies to their hearing aids.  If you currently have hearing aids that are a few years old, you might wonder “When should I upgrade them?”. Let me just start by repeating the old principal, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! […]

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Tipping Points

Today’s message is intended specifically for new clients.  This message is about tipping points. I had my own tipping point a few years ago with my personal health. I had known for some time that I wanted to lose a few pounds and be more active.  This awareness had been creeping up on me for […]

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