Common repairs

Some of you might be surprised to learn that in spite of having almost no moving parts, hearing aids do need regular care and maintenance.   This is because they are electronics working in a warm moist environment. The most common hearing aid repair is what we call a wax guard.   It’s basically a little filter […]

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Do They All Squeak?

Squeaky hearing aids.  I’m sure you’ve heard that annoying high pitched squeal that is almost as irritating as fingernails on a chalkboard.  If you wear hearing aids, you have likely heard this before. If you don’t own hearing aids, maybe you’ve noticed someone else trying to adjust theirs in a futile attempt to stop the […]

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Hearing Aid Lifespan

How long do hearing aids last? The short answer is that they last about five years.  Of course that leads to the next question, “Why?”. Number one, technology changes all the time.  While we know this from most industries, in the electronic sector this is especially true.  Every couple of years there are significant changes […]

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GOOD NEWS…A Selfish Request

We have some time sensitive good news!  We have been nominated for a business award with the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce.  Every year they host a business awards event which is an exciting Oscar style show at the Port Theatre.  They “roll out the red carpet” and have a jazz band. All in all it […]

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The “ahh” effect

Last weekend my wife, Shelagh, and I had the opportunity to visit Quebec City.  I like to say that I didn’t bring back the snowy weather that hammered us this past week here on the West Coast.  However I did bring back something else. I brought a fresh appreciation for the “ahh” effect. What do […]

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What To Expect-Ear Impressions

Occasionally ear impressions are required for patients.  Today I want to describe what you should expect if you need them.  But first, what are they and why might you need ear impressions? An ear impression is like a picture or a 3-D image of your ear.  The image is used to make custom shaped products […]

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