Best Natural Remedy for Earwax

It’s not what you may be thinking!  Chances are you are thinking of ear candling when you think about a natural remedy for earwax.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, ear candling is an old practice where people place a hollow candle over the ear with the head on its side. […]

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The Best Hearing Aid

The Best Hearing Aid When someone that is in the market for hearing aids drops into our office, a question I often get is, “What is the best hearing aid?”  My instinctive response to this is, “I don’t know, I just met you.”   Now that might sound like I’m trying to avoid the question, but […]

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3 Keys to Ear Bud Safety

Ear Bud Safety I often get asked the question, “What about headphones and ear buds?   Don’t they hurt your ears?” Most of us are aware that it is very popular,  especially with young people, to wearing big headsets seemingly for hours and hours a day.  The assumption is this practice must be completely destroying their […]

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How Much Is Your Hearing Worth?

BELOW IS THE CONTENT FROM A RECENT NEWSPAPER ARTICLE THAT WE PUBLISHED. How much is your hearing worth? According to one health plan, mine could be worth about $43,750 per ear. Of course, if I paid more for my plan then my hearing would be worth proportionately more. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t […]

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