Invisible German Hearing Aids: Are they worth the hype?

January 27, 2021

The ads for a new german hearing aid that claims to provide a more discrete (invisible) fit and better quality sound?

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Have you seen the ads too? The ads for a new german hearing aid that claims to provide a more discrete (invisible) fit and better quality sound? I’ve had several clients ask me recently about these invisible german hearing aids. I totally get the hype because discreteness and sound quality are two of the most important features for many of my clients. I get the appeal of these new invisible hearing aids, but would I recommend them to my clients at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic?The short answer is yes....but maybe no too! The real answer is “it depends,” and here’s why:

Ear canals are like fingerprints

Your ear canal is as unique as your fingerprint. Some of us have smaller canals and others have bigger ones. For these invisible hearing aids, you need quite a big canal to comfortably fit the amplifier, battery, speaker, and microphone deep enough and out of sight.I wouldn’t recommend this type of hearing aid if your ear canal was too small.

Volume needs are low

These hearing aids offer a limited strength in volume so if you only needed a minor volume boost, these might be a great option for you. If you need a more precise or wider range of volume control, these are not the brand for you.

Your hearing profile

Some feel uncomfortable with earplug-type hearing aids, which is how these invisible hearing aids fit in your ear. For some, earplug style hearing aids can give you an annoying echo-ey sound that doesn’t truly enhance your hearing experience.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is I would recommend this hearing aid for some, but not others. As with any product recommendation, I start by guiding you through a hearing test to create your hearing profile. Even if you’ve had a hearing test done before, I suggest doing it again because your hearing can degrade or change over time.Based on your current hearing profile, my team and I can recommend several options that you may find the most comfortable. We encourage you to take them home to test drive them in your own environment. You may find a hearing product that checks all the boxes on paper, but when you take it home, the sound quality is tinny or it feels too uncomfortable.The ultimate goal of a hearing aid device is to enhance your hearing and your quality of life. It needs to be flexible, yet customized enough to blend in with your unique lifestyle.At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic we know that one-size-fits-all is great for a t-shirt, but not for your hearing aids. We can help you find the best fit for your unique ear and lifestyle. Book a free hearing test and consultation today to get started.

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