#SupportLocal: 4 Reasons to visit an independent hearing clinic

January 13, 2021

As a local, independent business owner myself, I’ve seen the benefits and opportunities my customers...

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The past year we’ve watched the #SupportLocal and #SupportSmallBusiness trend increase significantly as more and more people want to support their neighbours, rather than big box stores and chains.When you support local and independent businesses you do more than just support local families. As a local, independent business owner myself, I’ve seen the benefits and opportunities my customers get when they work with us at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic. Here are 4 benefits you get when buying from an independent hearing clinic:

Unbiased product recommendations

Did you know that many hearing aid chains are sponsored by hearing aid manufacturers? How honest do you think their product recommendation or selections are going to be?An independent hearing clinic can recommend a wider range of products because they don’t have to appease a financier. This means you can find a wider range of products so you’re not forced to buy a product that isn’t quite right for your needs.

Better prices

Big chain hearing clinics only offer their products, which either have a huge profit margin or are already highly overpriced. You don’t get to do much comparison shopping when it’s all the same brand.Independent clinics can offer virtually any product they want, they can shop around to get you the best variety of products at the best prices. For me, I love keeping up to date on the latest hearing technology and products and adding new products as I can see the benefits to my clients.

Better variety

Like I mentioned above, the variety of products is severely limited when you buy from bigger chain hearing clinics. Without a wide range of options, you may end up getting a product that isn’t right for your lifestyle or hearing needs. At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, I love to encourage my customers to try different types of hearing aids, because aside from a proper fit, many hearing aid features and design are preference-based and you may have a very specific preference. Every ear is like a unique fingerprint so a one-size-fits-all hearing aid isn’t the best solution.

Individualized attention

In addition to better product recommendations, prices, and variety, an independent hearing clinic often gives you more individualized attention to make sure your hearing aid truly enhances your quality of life, rather than making it more difficult.When I sit down with clients, I get to see how people react to the different fits and sounds of each device. I can also mix and match parts to find the crispest sound for each person (something the big box clinics are strongly discouraged from).Whether you’ve been loyal to a particular hearing aid brand and are wondering if you can get better sound quality with a new brand, or it’s your first time and you want to test out different brands and styles, Nanaimo Hearing Clinic can help you.Book your hearing test and consultation with Nanaimo Hearing Clinic and my staff and I will let you take home and “test drive” different products so you can make an informed choice. Book your appointment today!

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