The Best Hearing Aid

September 9, 2018

A question I often get is "What's the best hearing aid?"

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When someone that is in the market for hearing aids drops into our office, a question I often get is, "What is the best hearing aid?"  My instinctive response to this is, "I don't know, I just met you."   Now that might sound like I'm trying to avoid the question, but I'm not.  I'll explain more in a minute.But first, consider this.  Right now, in the history of hearing improvement, it is one of the best times to consider getting hearing aids.  There are many different options;  approximately eight major brands,  three to four style categories, five to six performance levels, tons of colors-including some fun ones.    

Increasingly there are many different wireless ways to connect your hearing aids to other sound sources  such as TV's, computers, smart phones, telephones, etc.And then,  you top it off with the fact that each manufacturer builds their sound processors differently.   While they each follow a prescription to help you hear the sounds you're missing, many of them do it very differently.Have you ever heard a song come on and right away you start moving and grooving to it?  While you're feeling it and enjoying it you realize that your friend or child is looking at you with a contorted disgusting look?  What is music to your ears is noise to theirs.The bottom line is that each brain responds to and makes meaning of sound in different ways.To link back to my response to the first question above, the best hearing aids are the ones that fit your physical ears (each are unique) and your listening style the best.  I

need to learn how you like the sound quality.  And this is a process that takes time.  Often it takes several appointments to have a conversation about your specific hearing needs and to watch you try a few different products to compare the sound and performance.  Then I am able to recommend the best hearing aid for you.This is why we've developed our unique hearing aid test drive at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic.   It is designed to help you sort through the options easily to find the right feel and the right sound for your unique ears.My audiologist friend, Bill Diles, put it this way, "There isn't a perfect hearing for everyone, but for everyone, there is a perfect hearing aid."Well said, Bill.

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