The Cool Factor

November 25, 2018

Why isn’t something that makes you more connected to life and friendships cool?

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A few weeks ago a modern, hip, new coffee shop called Drip opened down at Departure Bay.  I went in for the first time to experience it for myself while writing my blog. It was warm, lively, and positioned with an amazing view of Departure Bay.  I couldn’t resist purchasing some of their cool swag, a shirt and hat. There’s no doubt, Drip has the cool factor!

The experience made me mentally compare my industry, hearing aids. Historically, it has not really had the "cool factor". Recently one hearing aid manufacturer hoping to change this came out with a new product.  It’s a hearing aid they are calling Styletto. It comes in three color combinations reminiscent of an Apple product;  silver/dark granite, rose gold/snow white, and rose gold/cosmic blue. The design is very sleek with a brushed metal lid.  

Bottom line, they are trying to market it almost like a piece of jewelry. They want people who have not thought about hearing aids before to be impressed by it’s cool factor.  And yes, their premise is valid. There are a huge number of people with dull hearing who have never taken action to improve it because of the stigma of hearing aids. Whether or not you will be impressed by this new product is one thing.  

But the idea begs the question, “Why not”? Eye glasses became a cool fashion statement. AirPod headphones, which almost look like a piece of bone hanging out of the ear, are hip.Huge headsets to jam out to your tunes are the envy of many. Why aren’t hearing devices (hearing aids), that enhance one of your most valuable senses, viewed as a fashion statement?Well, maybe a cool hearing aid called Styletto doesn't change the industry overnight, but what if we started asking the question more? Why not? Why isn't something that makes you more mentally alert cool?Why isn’t something that makes you more active cool?

Why isn’t something that makes you more connected to life and friendships cool? Today, I’m simply going to sign off with you reflecting on these questions!P.S.  I love talking about or demonstrating the latest in cool new hearing technology.  Let me know if you want a demo of what's currently being released!

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