The Two Scariest Sounds

October 27, 2018

What really are the scariest sounds in life?

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Tomorrow is Halloween which is full of all kinds of stuff that’s supposed to be scary.  Some of the sensations are audible as in the screams, groans, and spooks. It made me think the other day, “What really are the scariest sounds in life?”  I came up with two!

  1. The sounds that you don't understand!  Most of us have had the experience of going to a new place like a hotel and hearing something strange.  It might be a creak or a groan. Whatever it is, your stomach tightens because you don't understand the sound.  You don’t know if it’s something or someone dangerous. So certainly the sounds that you don't understand can be very scary.
  2. Then there’s this….the sounds that you don't hear? Think about our world and how we use our hearing to be safe. We use our hearing to sense the footfall of a person approaching from behind,  to be aware of a horn sounding, or to hear road noise suggesting that a vehicle is getting too close. We then use these cues to make decisions on how to act to stay safe. When a person has hearing loss, their range of hearing is reduced.  Simply put, they are not hearing certain sounds.  This can allow possible dangers to get too close for comfort thus leaving him/her less time to react.  This can be very scary!

For this reason, having a hearing test once in a while is insightful to help you understand what you hear and what you don’t. If you're actually missing out on important sounds, adding those back into your life can be critical, not only to your satisfaction and quality of life, but to your safety.

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