Gentle Earwax Removal

Are you one of those people that has too much earwax? Or, do you wonder if you have more earwax than necessary? We have exciting news!  Nanaimo Hearing Clinic is now certified to perform safe, gentle earwax removal. This is especially convenient during the COVID pandemic as wait times to see physicians are longer. Before […]

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What’s Included When You Buy Hearing Aids?

Today I want to help you understand what’s included with a hearing aid purchase. Some people ask, “How in the world can a little device that sits behind your ear cost upwards of several thousand dollars?”  The bottom line is that the device alone doesn’t cost that much.  It’s usually about half of the total […]

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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are kind of Johnny-come-lately when it comes to rechargeability.   In other types of technology we’ve become accustomed to rechargeability. Think portable phones, tools, etc.  Part of the problem is that for hearing aids it’s been a challenge to fit rechargeability into such a small device.   As is often the case, the initial […]

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What Happens If I Lose A Hearing Aid?

 “What happens if I lose one of my hearing aids?”  This is a big concern on the minds of some people who are considering hearing aids.   While hearing aids are usually quite secure for most people, there are unfortunately times when they can get lost.   This may be from simple misplacement (removing them temporarily in […]

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Hand Me Downs

Can hearing aids be reused for a new person after someone is done with them?  The good news is yes…maybe. Let me explain.   The first thing to consider is the style.  Basically, any custom in-the-ear type of hearing aid can’t be reused as the entire device has been physically shaped for one particular ear.  Unfortunately, […]

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Do Hearing Aids Damage Your Ears?

Do hearing aids make your hearing worse?  This is a question that many people wonder about when considering hearing aids.  And, it’s a fair question. Because, after all, hearing aids do make sounds louder.  The good news though is that hearing aids are generally safe.  Here’s how. Modern hearing aids have what we call automatic […]

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When Not To Buy Hearing Aids

Yes, as a full time hearing aid practitioner (one who fits, sells, and services hearing aids), I will admit it.  There are times when a person should NOT buy hearing aids.   Two times, in particular, come to mind.  The first is just because you have a hearing loss.  Yes, you heard me right. Just because […]

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