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Do you have an audiologist on staff?

No, we do not.  Our clinicians are registered hearing instrument practitioners. For the purpose of most hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, we are registered with the same provincial governing body (College of Speech & Hearing Health Professionals) as are audiologists.  We are approved to perform services for Veteran’s Affairs, WorkSafeBC, NIHB, and other 3rd party payers.  If it becomes evident that the specific services of an audiologist are required, then we will be happy to refer you to one.  

How much do hearing aids cost?

Although hearing aids can cost as much as $6,500 for a pair, a lot of our clients enjoy all the benefits of restored hearing, like effortlessly following conversations in most listening situations, for a lot less. Hearing aid costs start at $2,800 for a pair.

We can provide you with specific options and quotes by performing a careful hearing exam that looks at your needs, preferences, and budget.

You may also be eligible for coverage through:

  • WorkSafe BC
  • Indian Affairs
  • Veterans Affairs
  • RCMP
  • Ministry of Housing and Social Development
  • Private Medical Plan
  • Other

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

There are two main parts to hearing aids that together make up the total cost, the device and the clinical time to fit and service them.  

The device costs are largely due to the development and production expenses. Major brand name hearing aids are prosthetic computers designed to replicate the complexity of the inner ear and how it works with the brain.  Furthermore, relatively small numbers of people purchase hearing aids (compared to other electronics such as cell phones) and thus the research and development costs are supported by fewer numbers of people.  

The clinical fitting time is the other large portion of the overall cost and is a key component to hearing aid success.  Again think prosthetic devices.  The clinician must measure, tailor fit, provide rehabilitative care, and ongoing maintenance to make sure you get the best hearing with your hearing aids.  Unlike cell phones where a teenager can sell you a new one, a hearing aid requires a highly trained clinician.  

A hearing aid purchase really is so much more than the just the device in your ear!

Why are there so many hearing clinics in town?

In recent years the need has increased with the advancing age of the baby boomer population and the increased desire by people to preserve their active lifestyles by every means possible, including hearing improvement.  As such, many services providers have responded to the market and each offer different products, packages, and approaches to fitting hearing aids.

My hearing aid quit working? Do I need a new one?

Many times no.  Often hearing aid failures are simple fixes in the clinic.  We always look for inexpensive ways to fix your current hearing aids before offering you options for new ones.

I bought a hearing aid online, can you service it?

Many times yes.  Some hearing aid manufacturers limit who can service and adjust their hearing aids.  We need to see your hearing aid in our office to determine who can provide you with service.  

I have recently moved into the area and have hearing aids already. Can you service them?

Absolutely.  We have service plans available for people that want to get the most out of their current hearing aids without having to buy new ones.  Some exceptions may apply with a small number of hearing aid manufacturers that limit who can provide services for their products.  

Are hearing aids covered by BC Medical?

No.  BC Medical does not cover any costs for hearing aids or hearing services.  You may be eligible for coverage through some of the third parties listed below.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

My friends have hearing aids but don’t use/like them. Will they work for me?

Yes, if you need them!  However a few things must be kept in mind for you to be successful.  

  1. Hearing aids don’t make perfect hearing, they help the hearing that you have.  Everyone’s hearing range and experience is unique!  
  2. The quality of the fit is critical for your hearing enjoyment & success.  
  3. You never know what your experience will be until you try for yourself.  

What’s the best hearing aid on the market?

In short, the one that fits you the best!  Getting the best fit is a process that includes a careful hearing exam, hearing aid selection taking into account your needs, preferences, and budget … and thorough rehabilitation.

One of the benefits of being an independent hearing clinic is that nobody tells me what hearing aid brands to select for my patients.  I choose the companies that give me the most free pens. Just kidding, I use the ones that I feel serve my clients best.  They need to provide the best technology to benefit the wearer, offer great physical quality and reliability, and show a willingness to go the extra mile when necessary.

Drawing on 8 major hearing aid suppliers, we will help you choose the style, brand, and performance level that fits your needs and budget the best!

Where do I start with the whole hearing aid process?

Step One:  Think about what sounds you wish you could hear more easily and why?

Step Two:  Do some of your own research (online/talking to friends) to familiarize you with the industry & help you formulate questions to ask your service provider.  

Step Three:   Make an appointment with our office for a  thorough hearing exam to explore your hearing needs and appropriate hearing aid options for your best fit!  

Step Four:  Begin the fitting/rehabilitation process with your clinician.  

Why does it seem like so many people mumble?

Aside from the fact that there are a lot of mumblers in the world, most hearing losses begin with losing the ability to hear the soft high frequency sounds.  Because consonants fall in this range, a person with even a mild hearing loss will feel like people are mumbling.

Do I need to see a physician before getting a hearing test?

No.  In fact, many times physicians want a copy of your test results when diagnosing other conditions.  

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