Free Earwax Cleaning

Are you one of those people that has too much earwax?

Or, do you wonder if you have more earwax than necessary?

We have exciting news here at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic!  We are ALMOST certified to perform earwax removal.  This means you won’t have to go to your physician every time you need wax removed (except in some situations where we feel your physician should also look in your ear).   

Before I go on, you should go back and watch one of my earlier blog posts that talks about how earwax is your friend.  In short, it’s not dirty or bad in most situations.  

However, there are times that earwax does need to be removed in order for you to have the best hearing or for hearing aids to work properly.

So here’s the deal. 

We’re offering a free earwax removal day in August.  (RSVP required-see below).

Shelagh and I, the hearing aid practitioners at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic, have done all the training and are in the final stages of becoming certified to perform earwax removal.  We will have our supervisor onsite Tuesday, August 20 and we need several people that have excessive earwax. We will comfortably and safely removed the earwax for free allowing you to have clear ears again…and this will help us to achieve the certification necessary to continue this service.  

If you would like to have your earwax removed, all you need to do is stop by our office (address below)  and have one of our staff quickly check your ears to make sure that you are indeed a candidate. Then we can book you for the actual removal on August 20.

Nanaimo Hearing Clinic

501-5800 Turner Road  (in the plaza with the Cactus Club restaurant)



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