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Can hearing aids be reused for a new person after someone is done with them?  The good news is yes…maybe. Let me explain.  

The first thing to consider is the style.  Basically, any custom in-the-ear type of hearing aid can’t be reused as the entire device has been physically shaped for one particular ear.  Unfortunately, the manufacturers will not put the electrical components into a new shell. 

However, most behind-the-ear devices may be able to be reused.  Sometimes it’s simply cleaning, installing new tips and filters, and reprogramming.  Other times new custom tips are needed. These are still a fraction of the cost of new hearing aids.  

The second thing to consider is how appropriate the product is for your needs.  Some of the questions to explore with a potential used hearing aid are: 

Is it functioning well?

How old is it?

Does it produce enough volume or loudness for your needs?

Does it have a pleasant and effective sound quality for your ears?

Is it a brand that can be reprogrammed (unfortunately some brands only allow certain companies to make adjustments)?

Is the performance level and feature set appropriate for your lifestyle?

The final consideration has to do with cost.

Sometimes folks gain access to low cost or even “free” used hearing aids.  While this may be a real blessing, it’s not the end of the story. It’s important to realize that when you purchase new hearing aids, about half of the cost goes to the initial setup and long term follow up care.  

The fitting and followup care is much the same with used hearing aids including such things as:

  • Hearing test and needs assessment
  • Building custom ear-molds if necessary
  • Replacing any defective parts if possible/necessary
  • Programming and verifying appropriate sound
  • Followup appointments to make adjustments as you begin adapting to hearing with the devices

For these services there is a cost that may be much more than you paid for the used hearing aids.  

The bottom line.  At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic we are always happy to help people explore the possibilities with used hearing aids.  We can help you think through if they are truly a “good deal” for you. We have had plenty of people that were able to save a lot of money going this route!

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