They're not Helping your Dresser.

At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic our focus is not just to sell as many hearing aids as possible and only to have a significant number end up in people’s dresser drawers.  The most expensive hearing aids are the ones that aren’t used and enjoyed.  We want to help people get the best fit so that you enjoy regularly wearing them.

Hearing aids are only one third of what it takes to hear better.

As they are actually prosthetic devices (think fake limb), the device must be carefully fit to you and you must be fit to the device.  In other words, you must go through a process of hearing rehabilitation.

While many of us realize this, advertising and personal stories have often contributed to the myth that hearing aids should “cure” hearing loss if you can just find the right or cheapest one.  For this reason, many people end up frustrated with the experience and end up leaving them in the bedroom drawer.  This is one of my pet peeves!

I hate learning about people that have hearing aids stored in the drawer.

NHC_RackCard_BestFitCampaign_boy_no-shadowOn the flip side, it brings me great joy when people report hearing new sounds, communicating easier, and stepping into the shower with their hearing aids on (meaning they are so comfortable that they forget that they are wearing them).  For this reason we have chosen to take the best fit boutique approach.  We don’t see hundreds of people every week so that we can put our focus on taking the time required to help our patients get the best fit and rehabilitation!

At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic we use a special 5 point fitting plan and 60 day rehabilitation process backed up by our best fit guarantee to make sure that you enjoy wearing your new ears.

Fitting Hearing Aids Nanaimo

Successful hearing aid fittings are both an art and a science that takes work on both the part of the patient and clinician. We’re up for it, are you?

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