Hearing Aid Lifespan

How long do hearing aids last?

The short answer is that they last about five years.  Of course that leads to the next question, “Why?”.

Number one, technology changes all the time.  While we know this from most industries, in the electronic sector this is especially true.  Every couple of years there are significant changes and improvements in what hearing aids can do for hearing loss.

Another important factor is repair service.  The manufacturers often only provide service for five to seven years.   So, if you need repairs outside of the warranty…four, five, or six years down the road, there’s a chance that the manufacturers may no longer be helpful.

Finally, there are breakdowns.  This risk increases with age especially as hearing aids approach the 4-5 year range.   Don’t forget, hearing aids are electronics that work in a warm moist environment. The manufacturers do work hard to make them reliable and dependable, but the reality is that they only last so long working in this type of environment. Our job is to help you make them last as long as possible with regular maintenance and service.

In summary we have had some patients who have worn out their hearing aids in about three years and others who’ve made them last as long as 15.  The difference is a combination of factors; how well they are cared for, how much the person perspires, and where the person uses them. 

Bottom line,  our goal at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic is to help make your hearing aids last as long as possible.   We will help you think through the balance of new technology, repairs, and your budget to help you continue hearing as clearly as possible!

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