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The FREE Hearing Aid Tailored Test Drive.

Well fit hearing aids improve communication, enjoyment of life’s rich sounds, and save money!

When it’s time for a new car do you just go to the car lot and pick one? Or do you have a look at a few cars and test drive the ones that you feel are the best fit for you (size, shape, price, etc)?

Ya, we thought so.

Our FREE Hearing Aid Tailored Test Drive is designed to allow for you to try out our hearing aids to get the right fit at no cost, no money down and no obligations. In short, we focus on the process of helping you enjoy a wider range of hearing.

We tailor the hearing aid to fit you specifically improving the fit and improving your hearing quality.

Try for FREE.

How does the Test Drive Work?

  1. Make an appointment for an initial hearing test and evaluation
  2. Take home a state of the art hearing aid today. We allow you to try many different types of hearing aid models and price levels with no commitment or deposit required
  3. Take your time evaluating which hearing aid suits you best
Our approach to finding you best fit.

3 Key Steps to Ensuring a Proper Hearing Aid Fit

HEARING EXAMINATION: The first step is getting to know you. Through an interview process we learn more about your hearing needs, medical history, and what you think about hearing aids so that we can provide you with customiZed options for hearing improvement. We examine your ears for any medical concerns, and perform a thorough hearing test and evaluation.

FIT & TRIAL: Once we’ve decided on the best option for your particular needs, we custom fit the hearing aids to your ears and make adjustments to the settings that are based on your personal preferences and what sounds you want to hear better. The hearing aid trial process usually takes 2-5 visits, and may involve trying different hearing aid models until we find the one that fits your personal sound preferences the best. We also use a special rehabilitation program to help you adapt to hearing a wider range of sounds. This hearing rehabilitation program includes communication strategies that dramatically help to improve the hearing aid experience in many different situations.

FINE TUNING: In order to work their best, hearing aids need ongoing servicing. As people adapt to wearing hearing aids, they often find that further readjustments can improve their ability to hear an even wider range of sounds. Our goal is to make sure you are always getting the best hearing experience from your hearing devices for as long as you have them. This includes ongoing maintenance checks and adjustments as necessary.

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We’re here to listen and to help to improve your hearing. Nanaimo Hearing Clinic offers both hearing aids and hearing care services with the goal of improving your lifestyle, increasing your confidence, and bettering your communication.

Tailored Test Drive?

Our FREE Hearing Aid Tailored Test Drive is designed to allow for you to take home and try out our hearing aids with no money down and no obligations. Learn MoreNanaimo Hearing Clinic, The best-fit boutique.