Bernafon Alpha

Bernafon Alpha is the first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™. Similar to a hybrid car, it unifies two outstanding technologies to perform best in different listening environments.

Combining two sound processing approaches into one hybrid system, this advanced technology delivers an optimized and uncompromised listening experience. This translates to simultaneously augmented speech understanding and listening comfort in some of the most complex situations.

About Hybrid Technology™

Bernafon’s Hybrid Technology™ propels four hybrid processing blocks to provide improved speech understanding and listening comfort.

  • Hybrid Noise Management™ carefully reduces noise when necessary to improve speech understanding, meanwhile preserving natural environmental sounds
  • Hybrid Sound Processing™ uses two strategies simultaneously for greater sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • Hybrid Balancing™ personalizes sound amplification based on the user’s individual preferences
  • Hybrid Feedback Canceller™ eliminates disturbing feedback signals within milliseconds before they become audible

Bernafon Alpha – powered by a rechargeable battery, it lasts up to one day per charge.

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