Phonak Lumity

Modern hearing aids contain lots of great features, but the main reason people wear hearing aids is to understand speech. That's why Phonak Lumity was explicitly designed to make speech clearer and easier to understand.

SmartSpeech Technology is a set of features that work together to make it easier to understand speech and take less effort to listen to in most situations.

AutoSense OS 5.0 is Phonak's latest operating system which scans the environment and adjusts up to 200 different settings so that your Lumity hearing aids can automatically adjust to any environment.

StereoZoom allows your hearing aid microphones to focus on a speaker in front of you, even when it's loud and hard to hear.

Other features

  • With Phonak SpeechSensor, you can hear better in all directions and comprehend individuals speaking behind you 15% more efficiently.
  • Bluetooth enables simultaneous connections to up to eight iOS and Android devices.
  • Up to 16 hours of use are possible on a single charge with the rechargeable model.
  • Choose the Audeo Life model for waterproof hearing aids, which can be submerged in up to 1.5 feet of water. 
  • You can manage your hearing aids and monitor your health data with the myPhonak app.
  • Compatible with every Roger accessory.

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