Signia AX

Signia's revolutionary processing technology offers you the best speech understanding, including a natural-sounding own voice thanks to Own Voice Processing (OVP).

Advanced sensor technology recognizes if you are moving, and detects which hearing situation you are in automatically.
Making sure you always experience the best possible sound as you move through your day.

Augmented Focus™

Signia AX high-tech devices use their ground-breaking Augmented Xperience (AX) platform.

It uses two separate processors for the first time: one for sounds in focus, like your conversation partner’s voice, the other for surroundings.

Pure Charge&Go AX is also available in a telecoil (T) version for those who want to connect directly to audio loop systems.

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If you are like most people, you may feel unsure which brand or model is best for you. This leaves many folks nervous to choose a pair, only to find out later a different model may have better served their needs. Our FREE Hearing Aid Tailored Test Drive is designed to allow for you to take home and try out our hearing aids with no money down and no obligations.

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More Hearing Aids

At Nanaimo Hearing Clinic we carry a variety of hearing aid brands including Oticon, Phonak, and ReSound. Ultimately, the best hearing aid is the one that fits your ear, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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