Ear Wax Removal

About the service

Does your ear feel plugged?

Wonder if you have too much wax in your ears?

Nanaimo Hearing Clinic is the only private (other than physicians) clinic in town certified to provide safe gentle removal of earwax.

Ear Wax Removal: Here's how it works.

-Make an appointment for us to check your ears.  We can even let you look too if you want with our video light.

We want to make sure that wax is really your problem and that it appears safe to remove (some cases require referral to a physician for complicating medical concerns).

-Our clinician will then select the best method to remove your wax (irrigation, suction, or instrumentation) and describe what to expect.

-Perform the gentle wax removal (often takes just a few minutes).

-Final check to make sure it's all out and that we can see your healthy eardrum.  (Yes, you can look again if you wish).

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Please contact us with questions or to request an appointment

Nanaimo Hearing isn’t a chain, it’s a family owned company personally dedicated to meeting the hearing needs of our customers in the Nanaimo area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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