What Happens If I Lose A Hearing Aid?

 “What happens if I lose one of my hearing aids?” 

This is a big concern on the minds of some people who are considering hearing aids.  

While hearing aids are usually quite secure for most people, there are unfortunately times when they can get lost.  

This may be from simple misplacement (removing them temporarily in a place that’s out of your normal routing), being very active (think somersaults), when the fit is not very tight, or when “Murphy” is hanging around too much (bad luck).  

Here are the 4 best forms of protection for your hearing aid investment.

  1.  The loss and damage policy that comes included with new hearing aids.  Most hearing aid manufacturers will replace a lost hearing aid once for a limited period of time, usually the first few years.  They do charge a deductible, but it is a few hundred dollars vs. a few thousand for purchasing new. 
  2. Home or tenant’s insurance.  Yes, lots of policies either do or can cover lost hearing aids.  This is always worth exploring to see if it’s available to you.
  3. Intentional habits.  Wearing hearing aids requires a little adjustment in lifestyle and routine.  So, if you are the type that tends to set things aside carelessly sometimes, then simple things like carrying a case to put the hearing aids in or always putting them in the same place when removed can go a long way to prevent loss.
  4. Physical restraint.  If you intend to be very active, we have cords and other ways that you can secure the hearing aids both to each other and to your clothing to give added peace of mind.
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